Who we are

Coco di Mama is London’s only eatery designed to power working lives. Since the very first Coco di Mama opened its doors in April 2011 at 6.30am, each and every Coco di Mama has always been the first to open on the street. From early in the morning, the fiercely keen Coco team strive together with their friends, colleagues and regular customers to make everyone’s day better, happier and more productive.


Daniel and Jeremy, the ever-present founders of Coco di Mama (and lifelong friends), started the company in 2011 with the unshakeable belief that if they created somewhere that they would want to go every day, then customers would too. Since then, more and more people felt the same way, and today, Coco serves thousands of the hard working people of London every single day. Daniel and Jeremy are still involved in every aspect of the business, and can always be found on the till, on the coffee machine, or mixing pasta.

"Masters of Fast Pasta"
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Code of Conduct

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