Funk n Grind
Coffee Masterclasses

Join us for a coffee masterclass with funky tunes, good times & loads of coffee.


FUNK N GRIND is a coffee masterclass with a funky little twist.

You'll learn the very basics from Coco’s coffee guru, Jason Tsontillis, while listening to some banging beats. Jason will show you how to extract espresso, create lovely latte art & how to make “sexy milk”!

Get a few buddies together and grab your tickets for our next class.


We wanted to create a masterclass that combines our two loves - good music and good coffee. So we set about designing a class for beginners that explains the basics behind creating a tasty cup of Joe, with a funky soundtrack to boot.

All profits from FUNK N GRIND are donated to a charity.

Meet Jason

FUNK N GRIND is run by our in-house coffee guru, Jason Tsontillis.

After years of working as a barista at Fleet St (pictured here!) - and being asked on numerous occasions to run classes for customers - Jason has put together a fun, fast-paced masterclass that teaches the very basics.

When he's not teaching people how to make coffee, you can find him DJing around London.