As masters of fast pasta, we know how to make the tastiest, freshest & fastest pasta this side of Italy. There’s always a choice of crowd-pleasing classics, and delicious Coco specialities - we aim to inspire you every day.

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Sweet Pomodoro VE

Cherry tomatoes. Onions. Herbs.

Wild Mushroom V

Portobello mushroom. Chestnut mushroom. Crème fraîche.

Pancetta & Ham Hock Carbonara

Ham hock. Pancetta. Smoked bacon.

Garden Green Pesto V

Pine nuts. Mature Italian cheese. Basil.

Slow-Cooked Bolognese DF

Beef. Herbs. Passata.

Chicken Pesto

Chicken. Rocket. Garden Green Pesto.

Spicy Salami & Pomodoro DF

Spicy Salami. Red Wine. Herbs.

Meatballs DF

Beef meatballs. Passata. Herbs.

Beef & Chianti Ragu DF

Slow-Cooked Beef. Pancetta. Chianti Red Wine.

Vegan Lentil Ragu DF VE

Du berry lentils. Sun dried tomatoes. Herbs.

Blue Cheese Carbonara

Gorgonzola. Stilton. Smoked Bacon.

Cacio e Pepe

Parmesan. Pecorino. Black Pepper. Cream.

Spicy Tuscan Sausage DF

Pork & fennel sausage. Roasted peppers. Chillies.

Pesto alla Genovese

Crushed baby potatoes. Green beans. Toasted almonds.

Sicilian Summer Chicken

Aubergine. Courgette. Capers. Chargrilled peppers.

Red Pepper Smash

Goats' cheese. Sweet red peppers. Rocket.


We serve gluten-free fusilli pasta and some of our pasta sauces can be mixed with this pasta to enjoy a fully gluten-free meal. Please always check with the team instore.




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