Best Meals For Student Exams

Some might say brain food has to be plain and simple. We’re thinking white fish, black coffee, nuts…or even broccoli! However, our brain food looks a lil’ different to what you might have in mind. Pasta is not only good for the soul, but also great for the brain (and it’s goddamn delicious!). We’re here to redefine the meaning of brain food because who ever said it must be dull and boring?!

Exams can be tough, we get it. Between the all-nighters, the coursework hand-ins, the hours spent in the library contemplating why the guy in the room next door chews so loudly, debating how many pens you should take to your exams, fuelling your body with the good stuff ends up at the bottom of the list. Not to worry though, we are here for you as the perfect food solution.

As the “masters of fast pasta” (Evening Standard), we deliver award-winning pasta pots straight to your dorm door ready for you to indulge in. Budgets can be tight when being a student, but from as little as £5.50 you can enjoy a range of meal deals, which include an array of pasta, garlic bread, sweet treats and lots more to indulge in. This is your sign to stop wasting precious energy on cooking and more on revising!

The glucose found in carbohydrates is not only fab for your muscles but also good for the brain. This is why we are huge fans of #goodcarbs.

Pimp up your pasta with your choice of gluten-free, wholewheat or regular pasta. Pick from 8 different sauces and 10 different toppings to create the meal of your dreams.

Sure, 240 combinations may seem overwhelming, but thank us later when you’re new favourite rigatoni pasta is topped with 2 different cheeses, olives, rocket and truffle oil! So whether you’re feeling a Vegan Lentil Ragu with extra cheese, chilli flakes and mozzarella bites or just a classic Italian Slow-cooked Bolognese, we have options for you.

Buon appetito!

PS. Sure, pasta is great for the brain, but it’s also a GREAT fix for your first post-exams hangover!



Have pasta delivered to your door
by the riders of Deliveroo

Uber Eats

Have pasta brought to you
by your fav Uber driver

Just Eat

Did somebody say Just Eat?
Get your Coco fix delivered.