Coco Community


Now more than ever we need to take care of our people, our community and our environment. At Coco di Mama, we believe that we should live life generously and so we continue to put environmental and social responsibility at the core of what we do.


Over lockdown we donated 1,274 meals to those who need it the most, through our partnership with the Felix Project. We will continue to donate our healthy & fulfilling food to local charities and schools via The Felix Project and Rhythms of Life. 

We won a QSR Award 2020 for the Best Corporate Social Responsibility for completely removing plastic water bottles, as well as an International CSR Award 2020 for our waste reduction initiatives. 

We’re providing reusable, washable masks to all of our team members which will save around 10,000 disposable masks over the next six months.


Here is our approach to reducing waste:

1. First high street brand to completely remove plastic water bottles, saving 180,000 single use plastic bottles per year

2. Free tap water refills in our stores and we give each team member a Chilly's reusable bottle to save 180,000 plastic water bottles a year.

3. We have removed plastic straws to replace with the innovative #pastraw (yes pasta!) saving 125,000 plastic straws per year.


4. Keep Cups sold at not for profit and offering a 45p discount for bringing a reusable cup.

5. 100% recyclable packaging across 85% of our packaging lines.

6. Changing to biodegradable cutlery, saving 300,000 pieces of single-use plastic cutlery per year.

7. Donating more than 10,000 unsold meals to local charities to reduce food waste in partnership with the Felix Project.


There's plenty more we will be working on with regards to our approach to sustainability. A few points including:

1. Further reducing waste.
2. Reducing carbon footprint.
3. Animal welfare.
4. Coco in the Community.