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Coffee Credentials

Coco di Mama is renowned for the “BEST COFFEE IN THE CITY” (CITY AM). This is undeniably true, however if you don’t believe us, come try it yourselves! We promise it will not disappoint.



The journey of our coffee all begins with the exotic origins of our coffee beans. Our excellent supplier, Allpress, selects and roasts our unique blend, which derives from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala & Sumatra. Established back in 2010 in Redchurch Street, Allpress slowly outgrew the space and moved their roastery just down the road in Dalston. Their incredible reliability, thorough quality control and flavour profiling is what makes them the perfect fit for the Coco family.



Once the beans have been roasted and bagged, they are handled by our highly trained baristas that will ensure they are ground to perfection in order to extract the coffee at its best. Our coffee guru Jason, provides all our baristas with the required knowledge and practice to make the best coffees in London. He enables this through comprehensive and dedicated trainings at the Coffee Academy, that has yet offered several internal promotions from team members to qualified baristas.


This unique position brightens someone’s day in just the few minutes it takes to make a coffee; a skill we pride ourselves of. The precious 5 minute coffee break is enough to keep anyone sane, especially considering the fast paced London lifestyle. No matter what, just know that your local Coco will welcome you with a familiar, friendly face just a few doors down from your office.



Did you know that most of our coffees come with a double shot of espresso? Si! To be correct some even have more! For example, the most loved LARGE FLAT WHITE, has three shots in it – constantly strong and delicious. However, a strong coffee might not be for everyone. If you’re more of a froth kind of person – we’ve got you covered. Our CAPPUCCINO is the one for you! Can’t make your mind up? Why not try one of our LATTE – the perfect inbetween – not too strong, nor too frothy. Whether you’re a strong, weak, decaf, black or white kinda person, all Coco’s shots are extracted in 24-26 seconds using exactly 18-18.5 grams of ground coffee to ensure consistency in quality and taste.



Other than our famous Espresso Blend, our stores offer other options too – such as a top-quality decaf coffee and a freshly sourced monthly filter coffee. To top it all off, at Coco we offer most dairy free options available on the market (Coconut, Oat, Hazelnut, Almond, and Soya milks). Best thing of it all? We don’t charge extra for them! We don’t often brag, but we think this is an excellent mooove.


Innovation is key to ensure that we obtain excitement amongst our loyal coffee fanatics with our new seasonal drinks. This Spring we launched Coco’s very own BLACK ICE LATTE. A double shot of frozen espresso cubes served with steamed milk to speed up the melting process, so you can get your coffee fix. Lasts longer, tastes stronger.



Ever thought about becoming a coffee pro yourself and impressing all your friends with your latte art? We’ve got you covered. Our monthly FUNK’N’GRIND coffee masterclasses are perfect for you. A beginner’s introduction to coffee; covering how to master an espresso, milk texturing and latte art. All run in small groups to ensure everyone gets the deserved attention to learn everything there is to know about coffee. Grab yourself a ticket here:


(Tickets sold exclusively through Time Out.)