Going green for Christmas! - Coco Di Mama

Coco di Mama goes GREEN for Christmas in support of charity partner The Felix Project.


This Christmas, Coco di Mama has gone green #GreenIsTheNewRed.

You might ask… why are we doing this? Surely red is the colour of Christmas…?

So why GREEN?


1.Green is to show support for our charity partner, The Felix Project.

We have a long-term relationship with The Felix Project who use volunteers to distribute our food to those who need it around London – including food banks, homeless charities and to local schools where children often don’t get enough to eat at home.

So far this year, we’ve donated 10,300 meals to hungry Londoners in need, and we’re looking to expand this even more next year.

As well as donating meals to those in need, this Christmas we’re also donating 25p from the sale of our festive specials to help The Felix Project expand their network and support more volunteers so we can have an even bigger impact next year.


2.Green is to show we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact.

At Coco di Mama, we’re committed to finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment:

  1. We want to donate our food waste, which is one of the biggest  to as many charity partners as we can – if you’re a charity located near one of our stores, please get in touch via ciao@cocodimama.co.uk. 1.9 million tonnes of avoidable food waste is generated by the UK food industry each year. At the same time food poverty is a huge and growing problem, almost 4 million children in the UK live in households that struggle to afford to buy enough fruit, vegetables, fish and other healthy foods.
  2. We are reducing our use of plastic. We’ve swapped plastic straws for PASTA straws(!), added free water re-fills in all stores, introduced more recyclable packaging, encourage customers to use fewer takeaway coffee cups with crockery offered in-store or not-for-profit keep cups, swapped plastic cutlery for biodegradable cutlery and have some more big news coming in January…


3. Green is the Original colour of St Nicholas (Santa!)

History tell us that St. Nicholas was actually GREEN before Coca Cola turned him red in their Christmas adverts! So by going green, we’re actually going back to what Christmas is all about; giving, sharing, and love.

If you want to join us in our #GreenIsTheNewRed campaign, join in on social media and tag @cocodimamauk. Enjoy our festive specials, knowing that more money is going to a good cause. Say hello to our teams in-store wearing their green santa hats. You can also volunteer for The Felix Project to help get Good Food to Good Causes.

Merry Christmas all,

Love from Coco di Mama