Snacks & Sweets

Snacks & Sweets

A delicious range of snacks and sweets, freshly made by us to power your day

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
chocolate bomboloni V

Doughnut. Chocolate. Nuts.

Quick & Pretty City Slicker Sticky Toffee Pudding

Dulche de leche. Toffee. Salted chocolate.

Tiramisu with Tipsy Turbo Charge V

Espresso. Mascarpone. Marsala.

Coco Mess GF V

Strawberry compote. Mascarpone. Meringue.

Chocolate Exploding Muffin V

Dark chocolate. Crunchy sugar topping.

Blueberry Exploding Muffin V

Blueberries. Crunchy sugar topping.

White Chocolate & Raspberry Exploding Muffin V

White chocolate. Raspberry.

Milk Choc Chunk Cookie V

Cookie dough. Milk chocolate chunks.

Inside Out Double Choc Cookie V

Dark chocolate cookie dough. White chocolate chunks.

Salted Caramel Brownie GF V

Salted caramel. Chocolate. Almonds.

Lemon & Polenta Cake GF V

Lemon. Polenta. Pistachio.

Maple & Pecan Slice V

Maple. Pecan. Biscuit.

Vegan Chocolate & Banana Bread V VE

Banana. Chocolate chunks.

Caramel Power Bar V

Caramel. Cranberry. Almonds.

Chocolate Pick-Me-Up V

Belgian dark chocolate. Fudge brownie.

Fleet St. Treat

Chocolate. Marshmallow. Honeycomb.

Chocolate Honeycomb GF

Milk chocolate. Honeycomb.

Mango on-the-go GF V VE

Dried mango chunks.

Salt & Pepper Cashew Nuts DF GF V VE

Cashews. Salt. Pepper.


Dried cranberries. Yoghurt.

Lean Mean Protein Beans DF V VE

Edamame beans. Black beans. Soya beans.

Triple Nut Crunch DF GF V VE

Peanuts. Almonds. Cashew nuts.


We serve gluten-free fusilli pasta and some of our pasta sauces can be mixed with this pasta to enjoy a fully gluten-free meal. Please always check with the team instore.




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