Top Tips For Best Office Lunch - Coco Di Mama

Top 10 tips for organising the best boardroom lunches.

Repetitive and predictable lunches? Pret, Pure & Pod don’t quite cut it anymore? We have your back. Coco di Mama breaks up that heavy meeting with a burst of exciting flavours and delicious recipes – the Italian way. Mangiamo!


There’s plenty of reasons to love our delivery service and our food, and here’s 10 of them:


1. Huge range of food.

Coco delivers bangin’ breakfasts, fresh & fast lunches and distinctive dinners. Enjoy a hot Crispy Bacon Breakfast Baguette, Ham Hock & Pancetta Carbonara, Vegan Jackfruit Salad, Sweet Treats Platter & so much more. You name it. We’ve got it.


2. Flexible delivery slots.

Ordering has never been simpler. We offer 30 minutes delivery slots from as early as 7.30am. Set up the food for your meeting without any hassle.


3. Order in advance.

Get organised with Coco and choose your delivery date up to 10 days in advance. Say “si” to stress-free ordering!


4. Impressive cut off time.

Order by 10am for a same day lunch delivery or 5pm the day before for a breakfast order. Believe it or not, there is no catch!


5. Dinner delivered.

If you haven’t quite been satisfied at lunch or you’re just working late, we’ve got you covered with a delicious pasta pot for dinner from our late closing stores. Alternatively you can always Click & Collect any orders over £17.50.


6. Unlimited order size.

Small group of rumbling stomachs? Huge team of 300?  We cater for all group  sizes with individual or platter portions.


7. Everybody’s welcome.

We are constantly creating new Vegan and Veggie recipes as we don’t want anyone to miss out. So ditch that monotonous Egg & Cress sandwich and choose from our impressive range of meat-free foods. Switch it up with a Pimped up Caprese salad, an Unbeetable Piadina wrap or a popular Pomodoro pasta that will even impress the meat lovers. Shape up for summer with the Vegan Jack in a Box salad or treat yourself to a Salted Caramel brownie bag. Gnam! (that’s yum in Italian).


8. Hot & cold food.

We all know the feeling of an indecisive boss – changing their minds about their food order just a few minutes before their scheduled lunch. No need to fret. Coco is here to help. Order a range of hot and cold food and enjoy our glorious Crushed & Sunblushed Tomato Gnocchi alongside our playful Pinky & The Grain Salmon Salad. We promise they won’t disappoint.


9. Going the extra mile for our customers.

Spice up your order with the added extras. A free salad dress(ing) to impress, a mature Italian cheese to top your pasta, or simply select complimentary napkins and cutlery to go with your order. We love to make our customers feel special, just as if it was their Italian nonna dishing up their favourite meal.


10. The environment.

Last but most certainly not least; we care about how we do things round here. As much as we want to supply every pasta fiend with their carb load, nature really is our playground; which is why we do all of the above whilst keeping in mind our planet. Food surplus is a recurring issue in our industry, which is why we have teamed up with The Felix Project to reduce this wastage as much as possible through the collection of such. We also offer pasta straws, KeepCups and we are constantly trialling new environmentally friendly ideas such as metal cutlery for eat-in customers. We truly believe that every small action contributes towards a more eco-friendly environment.


So whether we’re delivering or you’re collecting, it’s time to enjoy delicious, Italian inspired food! Don’t wait any longer to break that dull food routine. Place your order and we’ll pop by in our distinguishable red jackets to say “ciao!” and deliver your food.


Beep beep, arriva Coco!