A bomboloni bonanza!

The Italian doughnuts, Bomboloni, are a true (and very tasty) piece of Italian history, and we’re here to celebrate them in all their fluffy glory.

When in Rome…

Depending on where you find yourselves in Italy, the doughnut varies in name and method.

Otherwise known as ‘la bomba’, the Roman variant is kneaded with butter, while the Tuscan variant uses lemon zest; is kneaded using lard; left to rise for about an hour; and then fried in rapeseed oil. But the most particular difference is the filling – being cream, chocolate or whipped cream.

The Coco way

At Coco di Mama we have our own twist on the famous Italian doughnut, and whilst ours is more alike the Roman version, our Bombolonis are filled with either an indulgent Biscoff spread, or a velvety white chocolate.

Whatever your pleasure, we’re pretty confident that they’ll charm your taste buds ’til the very last bite.

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The more the merrier

And on days that aren’t dedicated to the humble donut (our least favourite days), you can enjoy these fan-favourite doughnuts in bundles of 3 (Bomboloni Trio), or throw a Mega Bomboloni Party with 12 of the lil guys – because more is most certainly merrier.

So whether you’re sharing with your better half or just indulging on your own (we wouldn’t blame you), be sure to add our Bomboloni to your guest list and enjoy digging into the perfect dessert for any occasion.