Certified pasta lovers

Coco di Mama first opened its doors in London in April 2011, with the sole mission to become the nation’s most loved Italian-to-go. Since then, we haven’t stopped serving up our award-winning pasta – alongside “the best coffee in the city” (City AM) – for our hungry, carb-loving community.

Italian-to-go OGs

With our love for Italy combined with our passion for good, honest food, we aim to shake up your everyday meals with all the #goodcarbs. So whether you’re looking for the perfect pot of pasta, a nourishing salad or an indulgent post-meal treat, we’re here to help you live the Italian dream right here in the UK.

We just can’t guarantee there will be sun, because, the UK…

Seasonal menu

One thing you have to know about us, we change our menu seasonally to bring you the freshest ingredients.

Come rain or shine, we give you hero pastas for every season, salads and sandwiches made fresh every day, sensational sweet treats and new meal ideas to break free of the lunchtime monotony.

We’re nationwide

We’ve gone nationwide and we couldn’t be more proud. As it stands, you can find us in over 145 locations – but we aim to bring our bangin’ pasta to every carby corner of the UK. They don’t call us the masters of fast pasta for nothing!

Find your closest Coco today and discover your new favourite #goodcarbs.