Originating in the capital city, Rome, Cacio & Pepe is a true Italian classic, made with a few simple ingredients but packed with all the right flavours.

400g Spaghetti

200g Grated pecorino

2 tbsp. Ground black pepper

Tsp. Salt

Step 1. Start by adding water into a large sauce pan. Once the water starts to heat up, add a tea spoon of coarse salt. This raises the boiling point of the water and enables the water to get hotter faster and will later add flavour to the pasta.

Step 2. Pick your pasta shape – Cacio & Pepe is traditionally made with spaghetti, but we understand that you might have panic bought some penne instead. We’ll let this one slide, but we recommend spaghetti for the cheese to mix in with the pasta.

Step 3. Whilst the pasta is cooking, in a large pan toast the 2 tablespoons of black pepper and leave to a side.

Step 4. In a separate bowl, add 100g of pecorino and add a few tablespoons of the boiling water from the saucepan. Mix until you achieve a creamy texture. Make sure to only do this a minute before the pasta is ready to be drained.

Step 5. Once the pasta is al dente, drain it and pour into the large pan and mix with the ground pepper.

Step 6. On a low heat, add the creamy pecorino, stir in well and then add the remaining pecorino. At this stage, ensure you keep some of the water you cooked your pasta in, so that it can be added into the pan, to get that creamy texture.

Step 7. Dish up & you’re set to go!