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Our Carbonara recipe is perfect whatever the weather, season, mood or reason.

It’s creamy. It’s indulgent. And you can bet it’s damn delicious. So try your hand today, and thank us later.

320g Spaghetti

150g Guanciale

50g Pecorino

6 egg yolks

Salt & black pepper, to taste.

Step 1.
 Add water into a large sauce pan. Once the water starts to heat up, add a tea spoon of coarse salt. This raises the boiling point of the water and enables the water to get hotter faster and will later add flavour to the pasta.

Step 2.
Whilst the water is boiling, clean the guanciale, by getting rid of the rind. Then slice into small 1cm strips.

 Step 3.
Heat up a large pan on a medium heat and add a table spoon of oil. Once hot, add the guanciale and brown for 10-15 mins. Ensure this doesn’t burn!

Step 4.
Whilst the guanciale browns, add the spaghetti to the large sauce pan of water from step 1.

Step 5.
In a small bowl, whisk the 6 egg yolks and add ¾ of the pecorino and some ground black pepper. Top tip: add some of the water in which the spaghetti are cooking into this mixture to make it extra creamy!

Step 6.
At this point, your guanciale should be nice and golden. Remove from the heat and add your aldente pasta to the guanciale. Top this with the egg and pecorino mixture and stir this in well.

Step 7.
Dish up and top with the remaining pecorino and ground pepper.