Specialty coffee, expertly done.


The precious 5 minute coffee break is enough to keep anyone sane, especially considering the fast-paced London lifestyle.

At Coco di Mama, we’ve taken the very best elements of Italian coffee and updated them using the latest technology and methods. The result? A rich dark powerful roast, designed to kick start, tune up or re-energise your day. And we’re hella proud of it.

All our baristas are trained by our coffee guru, Jason, through Coco’s own Coffee Academy in the heart of the city.


Just down the road in Dalston, Allpress roast all of our coffee using their high-tech air-roaster.



 Freshly Ground

To avoid oxidization.
Listen out for the grinder when you order your next Coco coffee

Personal, Every Time

No button-pressers here.
Our friendly and highly-trained baristas make sure your coffee is made exactly how you like it, with a little latte art as a final flourish.



Delve into all things air-roasted; check out our Coffee Magazine and discover the story behind our coffee beans, and how we use them to make the perfect cup of Coco (not to be confused with Cocoa).



The journey of our coffee begins with the exotic origins of our coffee beans.
Our pals (and all-round coffee connoisseurs) over at Allpress, select and roast a blend that’s unique to Coco, and derived from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala & Sumatra.


Established back in 2010 in Redchurch Street, Allpress slowly outgrew their workspace and moved their roastery down the road in Dalston. Their incredible reliability, thorough quality control and flavour profiling is what makes them the perfect fit for the Coco family.


Allpress roast their beans using their patented method called Air Roasting, which elevates natural sweetness to achieve a smooth taste, and give the lasting flavour Allpress Espresso is known for.


The benefit of this isn’t in what you can see, it’s in what you can’t. Traditional drum roasting billows smoke as the coffee drops into a cooling tray, but the advantage with hot Air Roasting is that when the beans hit the cooling tray, the unique character of every bean shines through, and the burnt taste that traditional drum roasting causes completely disappears.


Ever thought about becoming a coffee pro yourself and impressing all your friends with your latte art? We’ve got you covered with our Funk ‘n’ Grind coffee masterclass for beginners – complete with funky tunes.


Here you’ll learn how to extract espresso expertly, craft lovely latte art & sharpen up on “sexy milk” in just 2 hours. All events are run in small groups to ensure everyone gets the deserved attention to be able learn everything there is to know about coffee.