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Here comes the #pastraw

Coco di Mama launches eco-friendly Pastraw


This Thursday 27th June, Italian food-to-go brand, Coco di Mama, launch the #Pastraw, an innovative and eco-friendly solution to single-use plastic straw waste. To celebrate the launch, Coco di Mama is offering a free iced coffee to the first 50 customers who ask for a Pastraw in each of their 21 stores across the capital.

Inspired by food, the Pastraw is made from 100% uncooked egg-free pasta, meaning they are completely compostable, authentic Italian and suitable for vegans – mamma mia! Coco di Mama has tested various varieties to find a pasta fit for purpose and, following a positive customer trial, are excited to launch them across London. Pastraws are suitable for use in all cold beverages; perfect for a refreshing juice or iced latte in the summer heat.

Whilst some larger chains are still using plastic straws, many restaurants have moved to more eco-friendly paper straws. However, lots of customers struggle with these due to their short ‘drink-life’, often beginning to disintegrate before the drink is finished.  As well as preventing the need for single-use plastics, Pastraws last up to 3x longer than a paper straw, without falling apart (tested up to half an hour).

Sara McCraight, Head of Marketing for Coco di Mama, says; ‘We’re always challenging ourselves to reduce single-use plastic waste; the Pastraw is a real win-win solution as it lasts longer than a paper straw and is completely compostable. The idea actually came from one of our store staff which we love! Simple, easy and cost-effective, we’d recommend any food-to-go brand to try them out as a better alternative for the customer and the environment.’

Plastic straws could be banned from sale in England as early as next year in a bid to help clean up the world’s oceans. Around 8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away each year, potentially contributing to the over 150 million tonnes of plastic in the world’s oceans. The general public have rallied for restaurants and food-to-go companies to remove single-use plastic straws, with mass online support for the campaign #noexcuseforsingleuse and #refusethestraw. The Pastraw is Coco di Mama’s simple solution to the challenge.

To support or follow the campaign on social media use  #Pastraw and @cocodimamauk