Stale bread (leftovers are perfect for this!)

1 Bufala mozzarella

2 whole tomatoes

Fresh basil


Salt & pepper, to taste

Step 1.
Start by breaking up the bread in crouton sized pieces. Soak in a mix of salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar. Put this to a side and leave to soak.
Top tip: if you don’t have old bread to use up, simply toast fresh bread chunks in the oven.

Step 2.
Slice the tomatoes and spread evenly on a plate. Repeat this step for the Bufala mozzarella and insert the slices inbetween the tomato slices.

Step 3.
Once the panzanella has soaked up the flavours, add to the side of the tomato and mozzarella. Top all the ingredients with a couple basil leaves, a dash of olive oil and some oregano.
Top tip: If you want to add a few extras to pimp this summery salad as we do, simply add some sliced avocado and omega seeds, for added crunch!