Not just pasta

Sure. We all know for a fact that our pasta is up there with the best lunches in London.

But what if we told you that we’re actually pretty great at other things too… Like our new range of delicious rolls and baguettes that are perfect for a quick lunch in the park, on the terrace, or back in the office (when the summer is not summering).

Refresh & Regroup

Pov: you started going to Coco for your salad fix and these three things happened…

1 – You enjoy freshly made salads with fresh, premium ingredients

2 – You no longer get the post-lunch blues

3 – You have space left for dessert, aka Bomboloni

Our love language

Us? Obsessed with pasta? Yes, yes we are.

It wouldn’t be a new launch if we didn’t introduce new pasta recipes. Our weekly specials: Creamy Salmon Alfredo, or Sausage & Pancetta Ragu.

But we didn’t stop there. If you’re a fan of the good old Coco classics, you’ll be thrilled to hear that we’re introducing our best-ever Bolognese recipe, alongside an improved Tuscan-style Spicy Pollo. Let us know what you think.

Dessert for breakfast?

Oh, go on then!

As true Britalians, we obvs had to join in on the Tiramisu Oats fun. And we took our friends at The Coconut Collab and Allpress with us! Here’s our spin on the social media cult classic.

In our iced latte era

To be honest, every weather is iced latte weather, especially when there’s pistachio involved – IYKYK.

But they really do hit different in the summer. So there you have it, our new iced drinks are here.

Coco tip: did you know all alternative milks are free at Coco? Try your iced latte with oat milk and the iced mocha with coconut milk. Enjoy x