The 25th October marks a day close to our heart and the biggest day in the Coco calendar – World Pasta Day!

Every. Damn. Year.



Okay so maybe it’s essentially pasta day every day at Coco, but this day of days really is the cheese on top – and we’re not the type to let it pass us by.

This year, we’re paying homage with 25% off when you order your carby overload through Deliveroo. But when you’ve been waiting all year for one day, limiting the celebrations to just one short-but-sweet day doesn’t seem like much fun at all. So we’re flipping World Pasta Day into World Pasta Week, and running with the offer of 25% off right up until 31st October.


So buckle up and tuck into favourites like the Spicy Pollo, for Succulent pulled British chicken thigh in a creamy and spicy sundried tomato, cheese and basil sauce. Or the seasonal – and limited time – hit, the Pumpkin Alfredo; another creamy and delightful mix of roasted pumpkin, butternut squash,  coconut cream, onions, spinach, garlic and chilli.