Autumn 2019 - Coco Di Mama

Say Ciao to Autumn

Autumn is knocking on our door and we’re ready to welcome the colder season with a whole new menu. New seasonal pastas, soups, scrambled eggs, vegan bacon baguette, porridges and plenty more!

Vegan Bacon

We are thrilled to have partnered up with THIS to bring you the UK's first Vegan Bacon Baguette (£2.95). Vegan bacon is made with pea & soy protein. We pair it with spinach and olive oil on a white or multigrain sourdough baguette, then simply add Ketchup or HP sauce.

Proven by doctors to be better for you on a hangover, the protein packed baguette will fulfill all your morning cravings with as little as 296kcals.

Pasta Pasta Pasta

We love pasta and what better season than Autumn to indulge in some new sauces. Enjoy our new Low & Slow Beef Brisket Ragu topped with rosemary & pecorino.

Alternatively try our new flavoursome ​​Vegan Fun-guy (VE) , The Truffle Maker , Roasted Squash & Sage (V) , Fiery Pork & 'Nduja pasta sauces.

You just can't get enough of our delicious Lentil Ragu (VE) , which is why it is now the latest permanent addition to our daily sauce!


Let's Get Crackin'

Enjoy our fresh new scrambled eggs recipes!

New to our good eggs family, are our veggie Avocado & Pestorissa (£3.50), Mushroom & Power Beans (£3.65) and our meaty Superstart Salmon (£4.45) or Bacon & Power Beans (£3.75).

Add a slice of white or multigrain toast to make this your perfect breakfast.
Eggs-actly what you need to kick start your day.


The Summer holidays have taken their toll on our wallets. Not to worry, we're here with something that won't break the bank.

Introducing our rich new soups, which will keep you warm on a windy Autumn's day from only £3.75 (or a bambino soup starts from just £2.55!).

Step out of the office and enjoy our Chicken, Chorizo & Orzo , Autumnal Chicken Broth & our beloved Greens & Gorgonzola (V) .

Accompany your soup with a slice of Cheesy Garlic Bread (£1.00) or our meaty new 'Nduja Cheesy Garlic Bread (£1.50).


Saying goodbye to Summer has never been easier.
Secure the perfect boardroom lunch with a whole new range of Autumnal recipes that will brighten up the colder days.

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