At Coco di Mama, we are proud and long-term supporters of the LGBTQ+ community, and as a company and brand, we care about LGBTQ+ rights as much as our employees and our customers do – with the firm belief that nobody should face prejudice, discrimination and systematic disadvantages by virtue of how they identify or their choice of partner.

This is why we are proud champions of diversity & inclusion every day and month of the year – not just for Pride month in June – and we will continue to stand as allies with our queer communities of the world and the organisations providing them valuable support.

Keep reading to learn about this year’s incredible charity partner, Not A Phase, and how we’re working with them to show up for the trans+ community!

Our Stance

Over 13% of our team are proud members of the LGBTQ+ community, and this makes us proud.

It also means that we are also very conscious of ‘rainbow washing’ and the ways in which companies jump on the rainbow-coloured bandwagon to support Pride for their own commercial benefit. But we don’t want this to stop us from continuing our work to drive awareness of the charities that are doing amazing work to support the LGBTQ+ community, and help to raise vital funds that go towards supporting their missions.

So we’ll continue to focus on making sure we are actually DOING something to help drive positive social change, and not just turning our logo into a rainbow for the month.


For 2 years, we’ve worked with the lovely Not A Phase, uplifting Trans+ individuals across the UK. With your amazing support, we’ve raised vital funds that make a real difference.

This year, our mission is even bigger. We aim to raise over £10k by launching the Good Carbs For Good Causes bundle on Just Eat. Each bundle sold donates 50p to Not A Phase. We’re also running an exciting in-store campaign, where 10p from each of our specialty iced drinks this summer will also be donated to the cause.

But we won’t stop there. We’ll continue to drive the charity’s awareness nationwide through Just Eat, our social media channels, our website, and emails.

Join us in creating a lasting impact. Together, we can help Not A Phase create positive change for Trans+ individuals on their journey to a brighter future.


Not A Phase is a non-profit organisation, born by Dani St James after conversations between global leaders began serving blows to LGBTQ+ communities and their freedoms around the world left the pair feeling compelled to team up and step in to shake up the scene, and find solutions to the struggles the community face.

Today, Dani works closely with partner Alix Maddison to carry out Not A Phase’s mission in bridging the gap that trans/gender non-conforming people often fall between and create safe spaces for the communities, in the work place and beyond.


Their tireless work ranges from running corporate training on awareness, inclusivity and HR practice/procedure in relation to the recruitment of trans people; to hosting workshops and training sessions for the community which help equip trans and gender non-conforming people with key skills for getting work.

They also provide self-defense and therapy sessions for those in need; as well as investing funds raised into trans-owned businesses and community-related ventures across the UK. And the pair have even more plans to improve the landscape of community-building spaces, by bringing back more safe spaces for trans/gender non-conforming folk to come together to meet and socialise away from the clubs and bars.

That’s what we call a Power Couple – and we couldn’t be happier to stand with them.